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Learn to Lipread

Learn to Lipread

What We Do

What We Do

We support men and women with hearing loss, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity in central England.

CELST, the charity, is a voluntary (not for profit) charity whose prime objective is to raise funding to sustain lipreading classes and expand them where it is possible.

At CELST, we welcome everyone who has an interest in hearing loss.

Lipreading helps us to recognise lip shapes, which helps us to understand speech by using our eyes. when someone is speaking, their facial movements, gestures and body language give us important clues to what is being said.

Learning to lipread can help us to take part in conversations. it can fill in the gaps in conversation that we can’t hear when we are in noisy places or with friends and family.

As well as teaching lipreading, our courses provide:-

  • Places for people with hearing loss to meet to share experiences
  • Coping strategies
  • Information about positioning
  • Focusing
  • Getting people without hearing loss to communicate in a way that improves understanding
  • Information about technical aids and equipment to help in the home.

Learning to lipread, together with coping strategies, can give you more confidence at work and in social environments, and will increase independence and feelings of self esteem.

Our lipreading courses are fun. They are not like school. They are interactive and conducted by our ATLA (the Association of Teaching Lipreading to Adults) qualified instructor. They are generally in 10 week modules that correspond to the general academic term.