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  • 11 Jan, 22
  • By Kerry McCormick


Many hearing aids available on the NHS now have Bluetooth technology. This means that they can be used to connect your hearing aids directly to your device such as mobile phone or iPad. You can also purchase additional devices such as a TV adaptor or remote microphone.

Some hearing aids may need a ‘streamer’ but others have the Bluetooth connectivity incorporated into the aid.

Pairing your hearing aids to your mobile phone means that when you take a call the caller’s voice is streamed directly to your hearing aids. You hear high quality sound without unwanted background noise and you hear with both ears.

From your phone or other device such as a tablet or computer, you can stream music directly to your hearing aids or listen to Skype calls etc. There is no need for headphones.

A TV adaptor streams the TV sound directly to your hearing aids – no wires or loop system needed. You can adjust the volume to a comfortable level without disturbing other members of your household.

Bluetooth remote microphones are very useful when you are in a noisy environment and want to hear a friend clearly e.g., in a restaurant. Your friend wears the microphone clipped to their clothing or on a lanyard around their neck. You can then stream their voice directly to your hearing aids so that you can hear them above the background noise. You can use the microphone in other difficult listening environments such as travelling in a car.

You can also use the remote microphone if you need to hear from a distance for example at a lecture. Simply hand the microphone to the speaker and you will hear even if you are at the back of the room!

There are so many situations that can be improved by using Bluetooth accessories. Ask your local Audiology Department if your hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible. Remember that the NHS can provide the hearing aids but you will have to buy any accessories yourself. If you have bought private hearing aids ask your Audiologist about the accessories compatible with your hearing aids.